Thursday, September 28, 2017

Character Chat: Kesia Ironfire (Lawless)

 Welcome Adventurers, to Character chat. In this new article I’ll be talking with characters from newly released and soon to be released books. Today’s guest is dragonshifter Kesia Ironfire from Lawless: The Ironfire Legacy (Book 1)

Welcome, so tell my adventurers about your world.

Well, there isn’t a lot to say right now, other than we dragons are at war with the human Scepters. It would be great to travel around and not be focused on spying on or destroying things. That would be really relaxing. The Cloudpeaks, where I was born, are beautiful in a sparse way. Dragons live far above the clouds in caverns. To be honest, sometimes I almost wish I would get captured by humans, so that I could at least explore something new. But that would be irresponsible, especially for my tactical partner, Zephryn Nightstalker. I need redemption from my crime for his sake as much as mine. He has a lot more to lose.

What are some of the places you’d recommend my adventurers see in your world?

Everything! I plan on seeing everything. All right, I’d really like to see everything, but I’m not sure it would happen. But, just for the fun of it: I’ve heard the Scepter of Commerce has three seas. I’ve never traveled by boat, so that would be adventurous. And Zephryn mentions going to the Scepter of Knowledge for their vast libraries. He’d probably get lost in them, knowing him! The Scepter of Pleasure sounds intriguing, just for the amusement of seeking enjoyment as a goal. It sounds refreshing. Although again, I don’t really deserve that, as a criminal. But I’d like to explore anyway.

Tell my adventurers about some of the technology in your world.

Voicelator pendants block dragon resonance. Without them, humans can tell a dragon disguised as a human because our voices are richer with tones and vibrations. I’ve heard some airship captains blame dragons in our half-shifted form (human form with dragon wings) for magically seducing them off their ships! Ridiculous. Humans make up stories about everything.

Airships are another piece of technology, although there is a war, so technically I’ve helped destroy them. It’s a shame. They really are very beautiful, even though they spew fumes from their turbines. In the past, airships actually used air balloons, but the humans got clever about that. They realized that dragons could blow up their air balloons, so they added turbines to their vessels. Clever, but smelly.

How would you describe your fellow characters?

Shance Windkeeper – he is very confusing and annoying much of the time. He is quite concerned with staring at me and calling me various human terms of endearment as if they mean something significant. However, there is something very distracting about him. I can’t quite figure it out. And he is fun to tease and question. He gets flustered and his face flushes. It makes me laugh.

Zephryn Nightstalker – he is everything—you have to understand, we are bound as fleetwings. It’s a practical situation during wartime, because then if one dies, the other dies. That way, we are invested in each other’s survival. It’s only logical. Zephryn’s actual identity is far above mine, even though he brushes it off. I could say he’s my closest friend, but I haven’t had any others. Dragons don’t befriend dragon criminals. Zephryn is essential. There, that’s a good word. He’s also fun to tease and debate with over our mental link.

Thank you for coming to talk with us, and can’t wait to read all about you.

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